one day I am going to go back and recolor that dean„, I struggled with it so much holy shit

happy (super super super) belated bday, nick!! here’s a (top naked for some/no reason) reverse!verse deanie weenie

woh„, updates underneath

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Newt “it’s my birthday we have to win!!!” Geiszler

someone please write a fic where Herm calculates the stats and rubs it in Newt’s face afterwards because “I was RIGHT!!!”

native cecil laughing while drinking a cup of white tears.jpg

ref is this, of course

I haven’t used sai in so long and realized too late that my lineart had been done using the brush tool

anyways, here is a sharklady to accompany the sharkdude. they’re siblings

im gonna do it. im gonna draw som landscapes


"Found yourself a… goldfish?"

au where Mycroft did, indeed, get a goldfish. jury’s still out on whether or not he named it John Locke

(edit: on a side note, the size of that fishtank is not healthy for a goldfish of that size. take care of your fish, folks)

I do not have within me the patience to paint the patterns on her dress. or the flowers.

reffed from a friend’s book

Taiwanese Cecil does not get enough love, so here he is, 15 minutes early to the holidays party wearing xmas tree bulbs as earrings